Stay Young At Heart by Collecting Toys

Stay Young At Heart by Collecting Toys

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can purchase collectible toys—and at Bounty Collectibles & Toys, we think that’s pretty much the same thing! For many of us, the value of our collections is not monetary; it’s emotional. Our collections evoke feelings of nostalgia, allowing us to relive our childhood or connecting us to a time that gives us positive memories.  

Read on to learn more about the benefits of collecting toys below and help increase feelings of satisfaction and happiness. 

Increase a Sense of Security 

Collecting toys can provide an increased sense of security. It gives people control over how they share a part of themselves, their hobbies and interests, with the world. Many collectors often also experiment with arranging, organizing, and presenting their collections to the world.  

Collecting figurines can ease feelings of losing a part of ourselves over time, soothing anxiety and insecurity. Some use their collections to keep the past alive. Others collect for the thrill of the hunt. For these collectors, finding toys becomes a quest or a lifelong pursuit. 

Develop Personal Connections and Relationships 

Toy collecting also provides children and adults with a sense of relaxation and a form of entertainment! Networking and connecting with other collectors is part of why collecting is such an enjoyable pastime. Some collectors even build personal collections—and personal friendships—along the way.  

Collecting can be a great way to connect with others, as you automatically have a common interest! Connection ranges from bonding over favorites to trading or comparing who has the latest-and-greatest version. Kids and adults alike can be elevated to celebrity status simply by having a rare item. 

It’s also helpful for connecting and initiating a conversation over shared interests with others, like trading or comparing who has the latest, most fantastic toy. Such is the power of these collectibles that a kid or an adult can hit celebrity status simply by possessing a rare item.  

You never know what path you will follow with your toy collection hobby! It has paved the way for some of the greatest career paths for some people.  

Collecting Fosters Creative Thinking  

The imagination that can develop from some collections, especially for younger minds, are completely outstanding. You can use the storyline within your creation to make your own: this can be useful for movie-making and story writing talents. Your collection can also be the safest way to find inspiration for a story. 

As you collect, you can develop your observation skills. When you collect toys for a while, you will become more aware of the details around your collection and generally in everything you do. When you venture into the hobby, you start paying attention to all the gaps.  

Collections Instill Responsibility 

It is essential to ensure collections look clean and new. The older the toy, the more care it deserves; as they can bring a lot of profits. Rare collections should be dusted, cleaned off, and left in mint condition. 

With time, you will find yourself passing on this trait to your everyday belongings. This level of maintenance will leave your space feeling clean. It helps you to improve your organizational skills. Toy collections often need sorting abilities, which will help you reinforce this thinking skill in other daily activities. 


If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting your own collection of memorabilia, Bounty Collectibles & Toys is a great place to start. Our team can help you find what you’re looking for, from figurines to comics and everything in between.