Pre-Order the McFarlane DC Three Jokers: The Joker The Clown 7-Inch Figure

Pre-Order the McFarlane DC Three Jokers: The Joker The Clown 7-Inch Figure

The Joker was once a small-time criminal who fell into a vat of chemicals that turned his skin white, his hair green, and his lips red. His crimes always involve pranks and jokes, the punchline of which is twisted and amusing only for The Joker. This clown may look like he's having fun, but he's bad news for Batman and Gotham City!

Following a stunning turn of events, Batman has learned that there are three versions of The Joker operating in Gotham City. Known as “The Clown” among the group, this Joker specializes in chaotic mayhem, employing a myriad of deadly joke-based devices to commit his dastardly crimes.


Based on his look in the Batman: Three Jokers comics, this DC Multiverse The Joker: The Clown 7-Inch Scale Action Figure features ultra articulation with 22 moving parts for a full range of posing possibilities. The Joker: The Clown comes with a Joker Fish, crowbar, and a base. In addition, there is a collectible art card with a photograph of the figure and a biography of the character on the back.

McFarlane DC Three Jokers: The Clown In-Depth

The Joker: The Clown is part of a release from McFarlane Toys with an assortment of figures which includes also includes Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood, and The Joker: The Criminal. The collectible card that comes with The Clown includes information on this character and his place within the multiverse.


A dark gunmetal grey crowbar is included with The Clown, with slight imperfections that give it a more realistic appearance. Because The Clown has a hinged elbow, you can even have him look as if he just finished up a job by having him proudly hold the crowbar over his shoulder.


A laughing fish is included as well, which is also made of softer plastic with Joker-like colours such as the green fin on top and a familiar, chalk-white face with a wide grin. Though it has only one grip-like hand, the hinge on the relaxed hand can be positioned to hold the fish between the thumb and pointer finger, allowing you to display both accessories at once.


There is no doubt that The Clown's face sculpt is far superior to many of the previous Jokers, and you can really see how much work has gone into designing The Joker to be as impressive as possible for even the pickiest collector. McFarlane, for example, airbrushed the recesses of The Clown's eyes with a very dark grey, making it nearly impossible to tell where the eyebrows end and the rest of the sockets of the eyes begin, lending the character a sinister feel.


The teeth have been moulded to appear out of place and out of size, which we think fits perfectly with how The Joker is portrayed with his yellowish, unnatural hue—how odd would it be to see Joker with white, shiny teeth?


Pre-Order The Joker: The Clown Now!

The sculpting and workmanship of The Clown we have described are only a bit of what McFarlane has done to bring this sinister character to life. To have a look for yourself, and to see the fine craftsmanship yourself, pre-order your McFarlane DC Three Jokers: The Joker The Clown 7-inch Figure from Bounty Collectible & Toys today. Or take a look at the other figures in the series release.