How to Keep Your Marvel Collectibles in Pristine Shape

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How to Keep Your Marvel Collectibles in Pristine Shape

Ask any Marvel geek, and you will realize Marvel Collectibles are much more than just exhibit action figures for them. Storing them is a matter of pride as it represents long-lasting nostalgia and respect for the values that these characters stand for.


So when it comes to storage concerns, there exist certain techniques that can prolong the shelf life of your Marvel Collectibles. And it makes sense to keep them in mind for the longevity of your beloved collection.

Proper Storage

It is advisable to keep the action figures out of direct sunlight as the UV rays generally fade and discolor the plastic while also making it brittle. Avoid storing in humid surroundings (excess moisture) as this can eventually lead to rotting and corrosion. Moreover, storing amidst high temperatures can result in the collectibles becoming warped and disfigured, while cold air can make them brittle and prone to breakage.


Sealed storage containers usually house a lot of collectibles, preventing them from dust and dampness. But bear in mind that these offer negligible insulation from sudden temperature changes and/or direct sunlight. Furthermore, Plastic/Acrylic shell cases and resealable containers also offer relatively cheaper storage alternatives.

Regular Cleaning

Dusting shelves at least twice a month and using a soft bristle brush to weed out particles from your figures and packaging can go a long way. You can also use compressed air to cleanse unreachable and delicate pieces. Stains can be removed by rubbing soap water but make sure to dry the excess moisture afterward.


For more stubborn stains and ink, dab an isopropyl alcohol cotton swab on the mark, but rinse it completely to avoid unintended discoloration. Special care is to be taken to avoid dipping action figures with battery compartments or sticker decals directly into cleaning liquids.

Bonus Tip: How to Avoid Stickiness or Tackiness

Action figures becoming “sticky” or “tacky” after being confined in sealed boxes for a long time, is a natural event. This happens mainly because the plasticizer incorporated in the manufacturing process of these collectibles tends to vaporize over extended periods of time.


Silicon sprays remove unwanted plasticizers from the surface without distorting the paint. Alcohol has also been observed to clean the stickiness while also sterilizing the action figure of germs and bacteria.


Marvel Collectibles are meant to be shown off as they add a vibrant aesthetic appeal to the space. When showcased properly in glass cases on custom-made shelves, they can really radiate a modern vibe of contemporary art.


But the sheen can quickly fade away if the collectible is not tended to in a certain way. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind, and you'll never have to pack them away in a dark closet ever again due to discoloration or wear & tear.


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